Open Source Swarm Learning

Revolutionizing Medical AI
with Swarm Learning

Empowering secure and collaborative AI-driven healthcare through swarm learning, revolutionizing diagnostics, and fostering global cooperation

Redefining AI in healthcare

ODELIA is transforming healthcare by establishing a first-of-its-kind pan-European open source swarm learning network for medical AI

Our focus is on harnessing AI for breast cancer detection in MRI screenings, serving as a model for further advancements using swarm learning. We will accelerate AI development, improve diagnostic performance, and promote generalizable solutions, while also protecting privacy and fostering collaboration, ultimately contributing to better healthcare outcomes for European patients.

Key objectives & impacts

Empowering Healthcare
with Swarm Learning

Pan-European Swarm Learning Network

Uniting institutions for secure, collaborative AI development without data sharing, protecting privacy and promoting true democratic participation.

Breast Cancer Detection AI

Developing and validating cutting-edge AI algorithms to accurately identify breast cancer in MRI screenings, saving lives and improving patient care.

Accelerated AI Progress

Enhancing diagnostic performance and creating robust, generalizable solutions for better healthcare outcomes, enabled by the swarm learning approach.

Promoting Swarm Learning

Engaging opinion leaders, fostering collaboration, and initiating follow-up projects to expand the potential and reach of swarm learning in healthcare.

A Groundbreaking Approach to Medical AI

ODELIA is a unique and groundbreaking project that harnesses the power of swarm learning to revolutionize medical AI in a privacy-preserving and democratic way. With the first open source pan-European swarm learning network, we aim to develop and validate AI algorithms for breast cancer detection in MRI screening examinations, and paving the way for numerous other clinical applications.

To ensure the project’s success and deliver its transformative results, ODELIA is structured into eight distinct work packages, each focusing on specific tasks and objectives. These work packages cover everything from creating a minimum viable product to addressing regulatory frameworks and fostering communication among stakeholders. By breaking down the project into manageable components, ODELIA is poised to make a lasting impact on the medical AI landscape and improve healthcare outcomes for patients across Europe.

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The ODELIA consortium

The ODELIA Consortium brings together a diverse and talented team of experts from across Europe. Comprising 12 partners from 8 countries, our consortium represents a multidisciplinary collaboration of specialists in the fields of medicine, artificial intelligence, and big data. With our strong collaborative spirit and dedication to innovation, we are working together to transform the landscape of medical AI and advance data privacy through swarm learning.

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